Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And... this is why

I honestly do not object to doctors (well, most of them) or medical care in general but the administration and systems surrounding medical care suck giants donkey balls. To me it's like a wall between me and any care I might get and honestly, I'd just as soon go without than get over or around that fucking wall.

My doctor's clinic is huge and generally, I appreciate their efforts but today they were the opposite of anything I appreciate.

I decided to go get my flu shot. I found parking place (not so easy mid day) and found the flu shot clinic. There were 2 people in line ahead of me. I waited 12 minutes in that fucking line. Then my turn and I was given a form on a clipboard (which I really hate) and filled it out and went to the back of the line. 7 minutes. I got up to the reception lady (who had already snipped at the people in front of me for standing too close, asking a question and not being patient). She took 4.5 minutes - while I stood there - to even give me an update on what was going on. She was updating my patient record. In the middle of her doing this without talking to me, her manager came by to see how she was doing and chat her up about her day. 90 seconds. And then she handed me back my insurance card and said OK. OK? What? Go sit. Someone will call you.

10 minutes sitting.

I got called. The woman came and got me and asked me if I'd gotten a flu shot before. (I went there because they have all my records and I thought maybe that would cut down on questions... nope.) Then she asked me 'do you want the regular flu shot or the high test one?' I said that I did not have enough information to make that decision. Then she said 'oh. well. gosh. I guess I'll give you the regular one.'

NOPE. I explained that I was no longer interested and left. WTF??? I could have gone upstairs to my doctor's office and asked but that would mean dealing with yet another admin person who would probably make me fill out another fucking form just to answer a question. So I came home. And sent him an email asking.

Once I know what kind, there are a million drug stores and grocery stores in town that would love to stab me. With easier parking, less waiting and fewer questions.

Back to bear knitting.
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