Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Technology - oh yeah baby!!

I have a friend in New Zealand. We met on the internet and became buds (no romance, just buds). For a while in the back a decade ago, we emailed nearly every single day. I had been to New Zealand twice and loved it. He was fascinated with the United States. He is a banker. Practicality is what he's made of. He always knows what time it is here. I never could figure out what time it was there. Ever.

I just this minute read a tip that my Echo can tell me. So I asked it what time it is in New Zealand it told me it was 6 am Tuesday. OMG! And then I noticed that the Fire tablet that I keep plugged in and on a stand on my eating table had turned itself off and was showing me the flag of New Zealand!!!

Too cute for words. And... good morning all you Kiwis!

I went to the pool early today because I wanted to and to test. I was at poolside at 7:55. It was packed. 6 people swimming. 1 got out as I got there and I slipped into that half lane. At 8 am everyone left. And I had the pool to myself until my friend, Brody, showed up about 8:20. She says that's pretty much it every day. Before 8, crowded. 8-9 empty. Ok.

Coming home was surprisingly a breeze until I got a mile from my house and then backup... I cudda/shudda and will next time, take the short cut.

But, good to know that swimming at 8 is clearly doable.

Things to do this week:

1. bears. There are 9 on the chair and a half a one in the basket. I'm shooting for 12. I'll probably make 11.

2. library. I have holds to pick up and a couple of things to return.

3. flu shot. My doctor's clinic started a new flu shot deal this week - walk in, shoot up, walk out. I probably should have done that on the way home from the pool today. I don't hate needles at all. If I had better veins, I'd have made a great IV drug addict. But I hate the institutionalism of it all. The signing in and signing all the releases and answering all the questions and waiting my turn and and and and... I'm the world's worst patient.

4. nails on Wednesday... and pizza?

5. there was a 5 and now I can't remember it. oh well.

I have sewing projects mounting up in my brain but really I need to bare down on the bears. If/when I get to 12, then I can sew.
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