Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Safely home

I live on the southern edge of downtown Seattle. My gym/pool is south of here, about 3 miles to an enormous bridge and then the gym. The football stadium is a half block south of here. The only real parking is also south of here (cause north of here is downtown).

As I was driving to the pool at 7:30ish, a fair number of tailgate parties were already set up as I drove south. I did not linger in the pool. I swam and got out and even skipped the shower and was back on the road to home about 9:15. By this time, the tailgate parties were in full swing starting about 2 miles from my house. Every available space had a flag person and increasing amount listed on the PARK HERE sign. $30 to park across from Starbucks Headquarters which is 1.5 miles from my house. $80 to park in the closest private lot which is still a good quarter to half mile from the stadium entrance.

There is strictly patrolled no alcohol regulations on the stadium ground and stadium parking. But for $80-30 bucks you can both park and get hammered. And while sleeping late might be one popular Sunday tradition, I think getting hammered before 9 is maybe even more popular. It's a lovely sunny day. I hope they all have fun and avoid pooping and peeing and throwing up on the sidewalks of my neighborhood.

My swim was kind of a slog. I think I was just stressed about getting it in and getting out of there. The pool was kind of full but just with regulars. The woman who joined my lane is nice and she only swims about 20 minutes or so. She's a nice one to share a lane with.

I finished Kunal Nayyar's (Raj koothrappali)'s book. It was just delightful. It really was. I think it would read well on the page but it was a true Audible treat. I heard Jesse Eisenberg being interviewed on NPR the other day about his new book of short stories. I think that's going to be my next swim 'read'.

The Front Door TV Network is quite busy this morning. It is way out of focus (the building manager says he will fix) but I can still see well enough to make out people in seahawks gear and they are coming in in droves.

Today is baseball and bear knitting followed by and evening of TV and bear knitting. My Friday deadline is looooooooming!
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