Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's a lovely, quiet, cool and perfect Saturday morning. My swim was great as usual.

Weekends tend to be busy at the gym so I get there when it opens (at 8) to ensure I get pool real estate. No matter today. The only other person there was my friend, Brody and she finished about 45 minutes in.

I stopped off at Trader Joe's for a couple of things and ended up, of course, getting twice that. I circled around my favorite breakfast spot, but, as usual, no parking so I decided to come home and make my own only on the way, I stopped at Denny's. I had a perfectly adequate breakfast. Then home.

Mainly because of baseball, I got very little of the new TV season actually watched last week. So, that's mostly today's agenda. Watch TV and knit bears. The monthly bear delivery is Friday and my inventory is LOOOOOOW. I did warn the bear adoption lady that it would be low this month, but really, this is embarrassing. Right now there are only 7 in the chair. 7! Sewing and that sweater really fucked with the production.

So I need to step up the bear knitting game and that's what junk TV is for.

This will be tomorrow's agenda as well since it's the first Seahawks home game and stepping out of my condo will be stepping into mayhem. I'm tempting fate by even trying to get in my swim tomorrow but I am going to try. Getting there by 8 will not be an issue, I think but if I keep my swim to 1 hour and hustle through my shower, I think I can probably get back home about 9:30ish which should be safe. I hope.

Now I'm going to go slap on my hoodie because it's chilly in here (!!!yeah!!!) and get to knittin'.
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