Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not easy but totally worth it!!

This very simple, easy project has sucked up 2 solid days.

I actually have several of these shirts. I bought two a couple of years ago and loved them so much I bought more the next year and still more last year. They are the perfect size and they are all cozy and warm. I'm done now but... I've always thought it would be nice if they had a warm neck and thumb holes.

And so now... this one does!!

It was way more of a challenge than I planned. And took several tries and fails. But, finally, I got it just like I wanted AND I have copious notes on how to replicate. I think I might use fleece for the next one.

I also sewed giant button hole things into the cuffs of my favorite hoodie. Perfect. I'm quite pleased with myself over all of it.

One time in college, my best friend and I were doing something - I can't even remember what - and she said "wow! you are really lousy at spacial relationships, aren't you?" I had never thought of it before then but whether or not I did then, I sure have since. I can't visualize how things will work or look. I have to actually do it and then, more than likely, redo it.

This is particularly evident in sewing. I have to go very slowly and think and rethink and rethink things so carefully. Those cuffs themselves were very tricky to get all the seams right. Then I attached it to the sleeve after careful measuring and, sure enough, I did it wrong. This whole project should have taken me a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. Oh well, I've got the time so all is good.
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