Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Won't she be delighted?!

My brother's wife and I have about 3 things in common and 938 things on which we are polar opposites. But she loves my brother and he loves her and and that carries a lot of weight. Plus, she went way way way out of her way to ensure that my Mother's final years were better. My Mom loved and appreciated her so very much that no matter how many differences we have, Dana bought a lifetime pass from me with all she did for Mom.

(They lived the closest to Mom but it was still a 4 hour drive. But, every single time Mom needed her, with zero notice, Dana was in the car and there in 4 hours EVERY SINGLE TIME. And every time she arrived with a giant smile and arms ready for any hugs needed.)

Anyway... I was looking yesterday at how my fabric is organized in the sewing closet and realized I could really use some of those pants hangars. The ones that hold like 5 or 6 pairs of pants at a time. I found some on Amazon but didn't pull the trigger. I thought maybe I'd go to Bed Bath and Beyond on Friday and look there.

Cut to this morning when I remembered that I have some in my own closet!!! Three. Which is plenty. They hold all my scarves. In my pantyhose work days, I wore scarves a lot and I have some truly beautiful ones. And they even include a gorgeous silk bow tie that my Mom made for my Dad. They take up no room so I've never gotten rid of them.

I found 2 empty drawers in a dresser and carefully folded them all and freed up the hangers.

As I was folding and admiring them all, I was thinking about when I die and my brother and his wife come clean out my things - I have this thought a lot - when they hit these drawers, Dana will shit. She will think she has died and gone to heaven. She wears scarves nearly every day. And will love the colors and the various shapes and sizes.

But, you know what? I think I'm not going to wait until I die. I think I'll check with my brother and if he's cool with the idea, I'll pack them up and send them home with him in January. I get two drawers and she gets scarves. I like it.

(She has a bit of a hoarding tendency (pot calling the kettle???) that my bother struggles with so I don't want to willy nilly add fuel to that fire which is why I'll wait and ask him first.)
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