Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The last time I went to a movie in a movie theater was about 9 months ago. The movie was so bad that I walked out after 15 minutes and asked for (and got) my money back. And decided I was done seeing movies in theaters.  I have not been tempted... until now. There are 3 movies playing that I'd like to see. Grandma, Intern and Martian. But, in my internal debate of go/wait for stream, wait is winning. They will all likely be available next January.

Today was another aqua exercise class. They've had 6 on the schedule and actually had class for only 1 of those 6.  So it was a bit of a question mark. I got there early so I could do my hour first and in case no class. BUT, the instructor showed and so there was class. There were 8 people in the class. No microphone. No music. So the instructor just basically yelled at us. The accoustics do not lend themselves to yelling and I could hardly understand what she was saying. After about 20 minutes I bailed. BUT...

1. I got 20 minutes of good leg work in
2. And I can do that on my own and even to music!

I just need to remember that there is no lap swimming from 9-10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No biggie. I can deal.

The gym is going through some transitions. A fair number of staff have left. The woman who cleans the locker room and always remembers my name and chats with me is leaving next week. I think she's pretty much already checked out as there were no towels left when I left (always before she kept them fully stocked always) and the dirty towel bin was overflowing. Their help wanted signs are now all over the place.

So many places now have giant help wanted signs. I went to QFC after the pool and while I was in the parking garage waiting for the elevator, the nice lady on the speaker told me that I could work for QFC and get all kinds of benefits.  That particular QFC desperately needs a staff change.

Oh and big deal... I remembered to get gas! I hate getting gas so much that I put if off and then forget about it. But, not today.

So now I'm home and ready for some sewing but first, the kitchen needs a tidy.
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