Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Connecting the dots... not

Our building manager - who I really do not like - wishes I would not copy the president of the home owners association when I report problems or ask him to do something. Dude, it's the only way to get your attention!!  Kudos, however, for at least noticing the CC. When she (the board president) asks me not to copy her, I'll stop. Alternatively, you could quit being so fucking condesending and listen when spoken to, read emails and respond appropriately and then I wouldn't have to copy her. Just sayin'


The sewing room is now all organized. Fabric pieces are easy to get to as are all the bits and bobs. And there is room for everything and when done I can close the drawers and the doors and it all looks very tidy once again.  Well worth the bag purge.


It's very cool to have the front door to watch again.
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