Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done but sad

I have this really overly weird thing about bags. All bags really. Pocketbooks are my heroin. Back when every store handed out bags for free when you shopped, I could never ever throw any of them away. Conventions and trade shows used to kill me. I'd come home with bags full of bags. Even wallets are a bit treacherous. And I don't even use one anymore!! It's a problem.

Not so very long ago, all three of these drawers were stuffed to the gills with bags.

I went through all three drawers sometime last year and culled out all those I could stand to part with. And at least emptied one drawer.

But, today, I was ruthless. I saved 5 pocketbooks and 5 bags that fold into pouches. I did save way too many little zippered pouches but they don't take up much room.

This is a partial pile of the ones in today's cull. I put some in the Goodwill bag but I am not going to Goodwill today and I didn't want to take the chance of unculling them this afternoon. So I dragged all of the rejects down to the free shelf in the garage. Even as I was putting them on the shelf, there were more than a couple that I wanted back.

And I know I will never ever use them again. I know it. And, what's even worse, is that if I saw them today in a store, I'd be tempted to buy them anyway!! It's bad. Really bad.

Plus usually when I get rid of a bunch of stuff like this, it makes me feel organized and efficient. This cull, more necessary than most, just makes me feel sad. :(

AND as if to underline the down side, they just hooked up the front door camera to the cable system but it is analog so I need a splitter to keep from having to switch back and forth. I had a truckload of coax and splitters and and switchers that I purged completely a year or so ago.

So... today... it's off to Home Depot.
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