Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh, cool!! Oh... wait...

I got out of bed at 7:30 (I wake up at 6 and do breakfast and internetting in bed). And was in the water by 8. At 9 it was clear the aqua exercise class was, once again, not happening. This time, however, there was about a half dozen hopefuls gathered. I swam for another 10 mins or so and then got out. Showered, dressed and in the car, on the bridge by 9:27 and the traffic was WAY tolerable!!

I was delighted! This means I can swim at 8 every day if I like and I like. It's like getting a free extra hours every day.

And then I remembered the President of China.

A huge section of downtown has been blocked to all vehicle traffic and they have been all over the news saying Work From Home If At All Possible! So the lack of traffic was probably an anomaly. BUT, he's here until Thursday. So I've at least got two more days of this for sure. And, maybe more, because I'm remembering now that the incoming traffic when I was going in looked about as backed as always... So maybe.

I remembered to stop at the fabric store AND I remembered to tell them I was old for the senior discount. Win win
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