Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool has an aqua fitness class scheduled for 9. Who knows if it will happen or not and/or if it does whether it will take up the entire pool. The schedule shows that it is a different teacher than the one class they had before.

My game plan is... to get there 8ish or a little after and get my swim in before and then stay and at least try the class. We shall see. I think I'd really like it to turn out to be a great class. A good workout. Lots of running, marching, other kind of leg work and not boring. But, out of the first 4 classes every scheduled at this gym, 3 were canceled and 1 was boring. Lots of room to improve there.

Worst case, they cancel class again and I'm done swimming at 9. The gym is located in a neighborhood connected to the rest of town by a bridge. In the mornings, that bridge is packed to the gills with people getting into town for work. I sale over it going the other direction and the other side always looks so miserable. But, coming home can be tricky. If I try to do it much before 10, I join the misery!

The rest of the day is up for grabs. I have the current pocketbook all ready for sewing. And then, I have a new idea. I have a half dozen really nice winter shirts. They are fabric that is kind of fleece-ish french terry. They are long sleeved pullovers. I'm going to try adding a cowl collar and thumb hole cuffs to one of them. In my mind, it's a perfect addition. We shall see!

And it may require a trip to the fabric store which will be fine because today is Senior Discount Day there. Being old has some really nice perks.
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