Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When schedules align

Tonight is the first night of a lot of returning and new TV... finally!! And, the Mariners have the night off. I won't watch anything live but I will probably watch Big Bang Theory at least. My TiVo is at 32% of full. And there is stuff I can delete. I think I'm in good shape.

I actually did get a bit of a walk in today. But spent most of the afternoon getting a new pocketbook cut out and prepped for sewing. My perfect one turned out to be close to perfect but two of the pockets were just a hair too narrow. This will be my fourth one which is ridiculous but each one gets better and the cost of goods required is working out to about $3 a bag and I'm cool with wasting that on amusing myself.

Google photos are making me crazy. There is an issue where photos marked public are absolutely not. Several of the Live Journals I read every day and some of the blogs are all using Google photos and clearly not realizing that their photos are being replaced with a gray circle around a minus sign. (Unless you log out and look or use an anonymous browser tab, you have no way of telling and even then, especially when first published, the photos are available but after an hour or so, they are not.) I switched back to Flickr because of the issue. But I'm so sad to see those 'image not availables' where photos are meant to be shared. The Google forums have finally admitted there is a problem but no one seems to be stepping up with a solution. It's not happening across the board but it's clearly affecting a lot of people I read every day.

I have time now to watch the British Bake Off episode from last night before Jeopardy. Busy night ahead.
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