Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My calendar says that this week includes no requirements, no commitments, nothing that absolutely has to be done... free and clear and open to whatever. Nice. All week.

This morning will, of course, start with a swim. And then a swing by the library for dropping off and picking up a couple of holds.

Then home. Sewing. Knitting. And truly today I need to stop talking about walking and actually put my feet on the fucking pavement. I've been pretty good about inside walks but those are 5 minute excursions and really almost shouldn't count.

I think I need a program. On Mondays, I go south around these blocks, on Tuesdays, I go north around these blocks, etc. Before I found swimming, I belonged to a gym and went nearly every day and hated every single minute. Planning these walks feels much the same way. I don't wanna. But, I do remember how I felt this time last year.

When my brother came to visit last January, I did not have enough energy or breath to walk and talk with him for more than a couple of blocks. We spent more time standing on the sidewalk with my trying to catch my breath than anything else. It was very frustrating.

I'm doing more swimming but swimming isn't enough. My brother is coming back in January. I am already way better than I was but I need to ensure that we don't have to ever stop so I catch my breath again.

My Echo is having another bad morning. So frustrating. I hope they get it all fixed soon. It's operated so flawlessly until now. I'll betcha Jeff Bezos is blowing a gasket.
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