Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

done and done and omgthatsmellsdelicious

The grocery shopping backpack is done and folds up small enough to go into my pocketbook. It's now by the front door waiting for its maiden voyage to see if it works. Seattle stores sell shopping bags (aka Bag Of Shame) or you bring your own. I've got a house full of ones that are ok but not at all great. I have a set of great ones in the car for car shopping. I always have one in my pocketbook that folds into tiny. And now I have this new one for when I walk to shopping.

Which brings me to my next home project. I have two very large and very deep drawers devoted to bags. Hand bags, pocketbooks, backpacks... every kind of bag you can think of. Some are expensive. Most are not. Most, I'm talking 90% here, need to go to Goodwill or down on the free shelf. By Friday of this week, I will have one very deep EMPTY drawer and one very deep drawer that will be half full or less.

Also I re-finished the finished sweater. Thumb holes now in the right place.

And I did the summer to winter closet reshuffling.

And remembered the time that Mother and Daddy lived in Charleston, SC. 1989 They lived in an historic home so... no closets so they still did the dry cleaner winter clothes storage thing. Mom had just dumped all their stuff at their dry cleaners when... Hurricane Hugo hit. And hit big. Charleston was a mess. And their dry cleaners was blown away. Literally. Daddy said that his good camel hair coat was probably floating off the shores of Bermuda. They never saw their dry cleaners or their stuff again. As they noted whenever they told this story... cudda been way worse.

I'm infatuated with crock pot cooking all of a sudden. Tonight I'm having kayre's pulled pork. She left this tidbit as a comment to one of my recent entries:

I do some delicious and ridiculously simple pulled pork. Get a very thick cut boneless pork chop or small roast. Put it in your crock and pour Trader Joe's Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce all over it. Cook until you can shred the meat with a fork. Stir in more of the sauce, and/or top the meat as you serve it.

It's my perfect level of meal preparation. The down side is that the smell is driving me crazy. It smells delicious and probably has an hour to go. And hour of that delicious smell. This is just cruel.
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