Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Is it you or Memorex?

My Amazon Echo is down. The first time since I started using the service. It's sad. And frustrating because it keeps telling me that my wifi isn't connected to the internet which is very not true. Finally Twitter told me that there was nothing wrong on my end. Amazon is having a major fail. Whew.

Last night I was watching a sewing show that TiVo captured for me. This woman was demonstrating a cool way to add thumb holes to nearly any sleeve. I'm very big on thumb holes these days. But, she pointed out something that should have been really obvious but... The thumb holes I knit inot my sweater were in the wrong place!!! ARUGH. I kind of realized this because of the twist when I put my thumbs in the holes but it didn't really register until she pointed it out.

Happily, the way the pattern had me construct the sweater, it is a fairly easy fix. And I have enough left over yarn to do it. However, I did such a good job of tying off the last stitch on each sleeve that it was a bitch and a half to untie it. I finally got both unraveled down to just before the thumb hole and halfway fixed. Should be about another hour til all fixed fine.

But, first, there will be a swim.
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