Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On the weekends, the gym doesn't open until 8 but, unlike weekdays, there is zero traffic so I can pretty much go whenever I like. I generally 'like' to get there at 8 to stake out my pool real estate. The pool is getting more and more swimmers it seems, every day. I have yet to get there when it's full - 2 in each lane - but clearly, that will happen probably sooner than later. Happily most swimmers don't swim as long as I do (generally they are way faster so they do more yardage but just do it without taking up so much pool time!).

I don't really have any non swim plans for the weekend. There are no sports teams playing in either stadiums in my neighborhood so I can come and go without planning ahead.

Somebody needs to do some laundry but I could punch down what's in the laundry basket and buy a few more days if necessary.

So... lazy dazy weekend ahead. Nice.
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