Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

In the olden days...

We lived in the hot and humid south when I was growing up and until I was 17, we had zero air conditioning. Not one tiny bit. I actually don't even remember a fan. Oh, woe is me. Or was me, actually.

At the end of winter - which was usually about Easter - we gathered up all our winter clothes - wools and sweaters and coats and everything - and took them all to the dry cleaner where we left them for the summer.

Then, about Halloween, we'd go get them. Most everyone I knew did this. It seems really odd now but it was big back then.

Now I, come Easter, I take all my long sleeve t-shirts and sweaters and move them to the high shelf and put the short sleeve t-shirts on the easy to get to shelf. And call it done. Then, because winter comes earlier, I reverse the process after Labor Day.

I didn't do it this year and my shelves are now a mess from grabbing the long sleeve shirts on the top shirt and the short sleeves are getting lost in the pile. It's time. For the Chore. Which is liable to eat up maybe a half hour if I do a thorough job. Where will I find the time???

I went to the sewing area today to work on the backpack. The first thing I did was test the iron on a section of the fabric. It totally melted/disintegrated. Iron maybe a wee bit too hot?

It ruined the already fairly ruined cover on my little portable ironing board so production was halted while I fashioned a new ironing board cover. The board is wooden so I used the staple gun. Half way done, I ran out of staples and had to track down more. Then the mail came and I had to go get packages before the Building Manager Who Annoys me got all pissy about packages. and then I finished the ironing board and it was way past lunch time.

It's a damn good thing I'm retired. I would never have time to get anything done otherwise.

One of the packages turned out to be a dud so then there was a trip to the post office to return and then down to the teriyaki place because they aren't open on weekends and now back home.

The backpack has been postponed to another day. I have to go down to the car to see if the new Quick Charge works in the car. Oh and sort out the new Android Pay thing. Soooo much to do.
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