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My twitter feed, yesterday and today, has the news that Microsoft's Zune is being put out of its misery in November. I spent more than 2 years working on the Zune website. Keeping it up to date and making it better/easier. It was a fun project because it was mostly outside of the grip of the corprate website team. We had a different management, design, CMS and charter. It was a pretty site. It was built on an old, cranky platform with and required the arcane knowledge of old cranky tools but that was part of its charm. And gave me quite a lengthy run since I was one of the very few people who knew hot to make it work.

I still have an actual Zune player. My boss bought it for me so I could test stuff. I never really used it much. It's a beautiful design and works perfectly. I just don't have a use for it. Sounds like it will still have a Microsoft home.

Bye Zune. We had some good times.

Today the calendar says swimming and baseball. I'm perfectly fine with that!

I think I'm also going to try and do some production knitting today. I have a bear nearly done and then I think I'm going to focus on finishing the sleeves on my sweater. My sewing plans were to make a better pocketbook but I think maybe I really did nail it yesterday so now I need to move on to something else. I'm thinking grocery shopping backpack maybe... Maybe... But, likely not today.

When I went to hit Post, I discovered that LJ was fixing something and not available. So... I went to swim.

While swimming, I designed the grocery shopping backpack. It needs to be big and weigh nothing. And have shoulder straps (for carrying it around in the store) as well backpack straps (for carrying it home). And on the outside it needs to have a water bottle pocket and a zippered pocket for money/credit card. And... it needs to fold up small enough to fit into my pocketbook.

I have some bags that I can cut up and patchwork back together and the hardware needed. I'm not sure I have the right kind/amount of rope but I'll bet I can cobble enough together from bags I no longer use.

BUT not today.

Swimming was great. Somedays I get into the water and it's just amazingly wonderful like if Ben & Jerry's ice cream was 1. good for you and 2. you had a gallon and a spoon. Today was one of those days. 2,000 yards easy with extra leg work.

I think tomorrow, I'm going to leave here earlier - 7:30ish - and do laps until the aqua exercise class at 9 and then do it or at least as much as I can stand.

I'm slow cooking what I hope is going to be slow cooked teriyaki pork today. Years ago I picked up a cheap slow cooker to simmer spices to make my house smell nice. After a while I got bored with that and put it away on a high shelf. Yesterday I saw an article about teriyaki pork that sounded too easy not to try. We'll see in 7 hours. And, yes, I have a backup for dinner.

I just tried to publish this again and again, error. Weird. So now I'm trying it from my ScribeFire app.

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