Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am a carnivore. Dedicated, card carrying, life long member of the club. There are many many many vegetables I dislike but even more that are too much trouble. I don't mind a good salad but if I have to chop and mix and decide, it ain't happening.

But you know those pre-selected salads in plastic containers (with a fork) that are all the rage in grocery stores these days? They turn out to be my cup of tea!! I love them. They have exactly the right amount of each delightful ingredient and just the right amount of dressing. And they are everywhere. I've gotten so I keep at least one in the fridge always. They are perfect for lazy asses like me.


I do not think suicide always has to be a tragic occurrence. It's my life and if I want to end it, it should be my right and my decision should be respected as one made with thoughtfulness. I think assuming one who commits suicide 'could have been saved' is about as insulting as you can get.


This is my baby brother (four years younger) with his two on-the-road techs. My brother is on the left. Bryant is in the middle. He does mostly home house calls and Thomas (on the left) does most small business.  The shop is in Georgetown, TX which is just north of Austin.

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