Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ego bruised in fall from high horse...

After yesterday's conversation about the pool maybe closing for a little bit, when I got there today and checked in, I said 'pool open, right?' and the very same lady as yesterday this time said 'well, there's is a class starting at 9.' WTF?????

They have never had classes in the pool at this gym. And as of yesterday, there was no sign that they ever would. This morning, I got there about 20 minutes til 9 to learn the pool will not be available at 9??? I went right to really annoyed.  I got to the pool's edge and there were a couple of regulars already doing laps. No one had heard about this class. No one was happy.

I lapped. Then the teacher showed up and 2 students and they started class in one lane leaving the other two open for laps. And then I got curious so I joined the class and did it for a while and then went back to laps.

So I ended up doing 60 minutes of laps and 40 of aerobics  And it was all fine. The aerobics class was pretty boring which is why I went back to laps before it was over. No music.

In the locker room I ran into one of the other class participants. She shared my assessment of the class but said that the instructor had told her that there will be music in future classes.

I asked the woman from the class how she heard about it and she said that she checks the gym class schedule every morning.

Instant Doofus. Why the hell hadn't I ever thought of that? Seems pretty damn obvious in hindsight. Instead of bitching No One Told Me, I should have been smart. Now I am. Better late than never?

And, while the class was not fab and was boring, I can absolutely feel that it was not for naught.

So there's that.
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