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restoman asked a great question...

I am curious. Of all the places you have lived, which one do you most identify with? If someone asks you "Where are you from?" What do you say? What state have you lived in the longest?

too long; didn't read = Seattle, WA

I've lived in Seattle, WA for nearly 23 years. I moved here in January of 1992. It's absolutely where I'm from. But, here in Washington, most everyone is from somewhere else so when someone here asks where you are from, they mean where did to move to Washington from. And my answer is that I was raised in North Carolina.

Fun Fact. I got my driver's license on the day I turned 16. But, I never lived in any state long enough to get it renewed until I moved to Seattle. At age 47 (4 years later), I finally got to get another license in the same state. It was a BFD for me. Oddly, the bored clerk was not even mildly amused.

Here's the list of where I've lived.

  • Born in Brooklyn, NY

  • 15 months old - moved to River Edge, NJ because apartment too small

  • age 2 - moved to Des Moines, Iowa because of Daddy's promotion

  • age 3 - moved to Kansas City, MO because of Daddy's promotion

  • age 6 - moved to Winston-Salem, NC because of Daddy's promotion

  • age 18 - left for college - Bethany, WVa just because

  • age 21 - moved to Wheeling, WVa hated college so moved off campus near job

  • age 24 - moved to Aiken, SC hate job so moved to another one

  • age 26 - moved to Greenwood, SC moved to make more money at new job

  • age 28 - moved to Southern Pines, NC fell in love moved to be near boyfriend who then dumped me

  • age 32 - moved to Charlotte, NC got married (divorced 2 years later)

  • age 36 - moved to Norwalk, CT IBM moved me

  • age 38 - moved to Rochester, MN IBM moved me

  • age 41 - moved to Morgan Hill, CA IBM moved me

  • age 43 - moved to Seattle, WA IBM moved me (After 2 years, IBM wanted to move me to Phoenix and I said no thank you.)

I actually knew the minute I got to Seattle that I was here to stay. It has and still does just suit me. I cannot imagine living anywhere else.
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