Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of my day

I got my latest bag (purse, pocketbook ... one of those is an old lady word maybe both of them? I never know but what I'm making is a small everyday bag with a shoulder strap which is long enough for crossbody). All planned, cut out and I ironed on the vinyl backing and then made the special phone pouch (felt on one side, old t-shirt scrap on the other).

The cat likes to hang out back there while I'm sewing. She watches my every move. Maybe one day when I'm at the pool she'll make herself a hat.

The next step is zippers and I wanted to wait for the new ones.  I ordered a bunch of brightly colored one from an Etsy shop in Wisconsin. They got here late this afternoon so I'll finish the bag tomorrow.

One thing about having the sewing area back in the first room you enter when you come in the front door is that I am pretty anal about keeping it tidy. So every sewing session ends with a major tidy.

I sat for a while and knitted but was restless and then  I remembered it was cool outside! I could go walk!! So I did. I walked over to Daiso and wandered around and then went to Uwajimaya where they had my favorite rice on special! And I got my favorite almond crips.

Tonight I had more of the Chinese food I ordered from Amazon on Saturday. It cost me $30. So far I've had three dinners and 1 lunch from it. And I still have more. Another serving of soup is in the freezer. If I had ordered better, I could have had at least one more dinner. And the flavor and taste lasted. What I had tonight was every bit as good as what I had Saturday. I was luke warm about the process but, I'm rethinking. If I order correctly, it could be an excellent addition to the dinner rotation.

Tonight is a baseball game and some bear knitting.
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