Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My LA Fitness

The first time I went to LA Fitness, it was the Ballard location and I was greeted by about 4 staff members at the front desk who were all great.  Everytime I walked in there, whoever was behind the counter greeted me like I just made his day 1000% better.

The LA Fitness in West Seattle is where I go now because it is by far the easiest for me to get to. But, the staff there has always been minimally robotically welcoming. There was one guy who was great but he hasn't been there in weeks. The woman who cleans the locker room is nice and getting friendlier. But the woman who's always at the front desk on weekdays recently, crossed over the line this morning to really awesome.

When I came in, she greeted me hello and then, with lots of kindness, said she had some bad news for me. They are going to have to close the pool for a bit for a fix. "I know you are hear every single morning and closing will be a problem for you so I wanted to give you a heads up."  How nice is that?! And she's right! Big Problemo. Except now that I know it, I can fashion a very exceptable Plan B and not be slapped with a really unpleasant suprise. Very nice of her.

My leg program is a good one. I did 25 yards fast, hard kicks alternating with 25 yards of regular swim for 15 mins... alternativing with 15 mins or solid regular swim. It was a lovely way to get some change in without a big deal.

I did my 2000 yards in 65 minutes. A decent swimmer can polish that off in a half hour. The pros do 2000 yards in 15 minutes. What.Evs.  I just get in and swim. I might stop for 5 seconds or less to adjust my earphone but otherwise, it's toes up for the whole 2000 yards. I call it good.
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