Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Cool. So nice and cool. Finally.

My condo does an annual dump run where they collect anything and everything you want to get rid of in the garage and haul it off. Today's the day. They started this a couple of years ago and it's really handy.  My contribution was the bench at the end of my bed. It got replaced by the loveseat from the living room which got moved when I got the new sofa. I had the bench in front of the fireplace but I don't need it and this was a perfect opportunity to make it go away easily.

This year there were a lot of doors and some carpet and a lovely bunch of things that were not in the least bit tempting to snag and bring upstairs. Whew. I need less stuff, not more.

Today there will be my swim. This week will be leg week. I want to make sure to remember to really use my legs. I try to steer clear of turning my swims into work. I love my swims and, honestly, I think just moving a mile in the water every day - regardless of style - is good enough. I don't want to turn them into work that may lead to not fun. But, my legs are getting short shrift. I hate messing with the kick board so I'm just going to focus on kicking while I swim.

Then there may be sewing. I have a new bag in mind and the pack o' brightly colored zippers that I ordered should arive today but probably not until late this afternoon. I can still get the fabric cut out and the vinyl applied and the felt lined phone pocket made... before I need zippers.

I made huge progress on my sweater yesterday.  I think I can finish it off in another couple of hours. And I will have enough yarn left over to possibly extend the cowl collar a bit more. I think, after this next bear, I'm going to just knuckle down and go to the end.

These next two weeks are full of no plans or commitments. No appointments, no one coming here to clean or do whatever. Just days for me to do whatever I want.  I honestly don't mind having stuff to do but it's real luxury to loo at two weeks of nothing. I'm taking a staycation from retirement. Now, there's a wild thing for sure.
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