Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Got that wrong

The Seahawks play at 10 am our time. And I probably don't need to move off of my fingers and toes to get the number of people who are not rabid, die hard, omg SEA HAWKS!!!!! SEA HAWKS!!! fans. It's tiring.

But, I figured 10 am, you have to get ready. Meet your group or at a minimum get out the chips and beer. You wouldn't be at the gym early... nfw.

Wrong. After the first 30 minutes of my swim, this morning, each lane of the pool had 2 swimmers and as I was getting out, another showed up to take my place. Busy morning. Glad I got there first.

Then, coming home, I saw part of the problem. The bars around the stadium were struggling to get open in time. At 9:30 there were crowds waiting outside their doors waiting to get in ... in the drizzle. Oh well. My Twitter feed allows as how it's not going to good for the SEA HAWKS!!!! And I'm not hearing raucous cheering from the sports bar on the corner.

And I would hear them because, the air conditioner.... has been put in the closet for the winter!!!

And... it was not without peril. My old lady hands and arms took a mighty hit.

And I was doing so well. No bruises as all for a couple of weeks. Sigh.

But, it's done and the bruises don't hurt. I will heal and may it long be not hot! I do have a fan for emergencies.

I made myself an freakin' excellent omelette for brunch and now I need to get to the knitting. I have a bear to finish and then the rest of the day will be devoted to those sweater sleeves (and baseball, of course).
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