Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cooking 1, restaurant 0 - this is not the usual here!

Generally I can restore restaurant fries pretty successfully. Not so with last night's fries of which I have a ton. I had them for dinner tonight and they were not impressive so I tossed all the rest.

Today I went to the little Red Apple market and discovered that they had the pickles I asked for on the shelf!! They are the only place in town that carries Sonomo Brinery pickles. They carried the bread and butter but last time I was in, I left a note for the manager asking him if he could please add the whole koshers to the shelf and he did! And they are sooo good.

But also they had Jiffy corn muffin mix!! Around here, corn bread is sugar sweet. I mean really sweet. I nearly choked the first time I buttered up a hunk of cornbread expecting it to be like I was used to only to find it had the sugar of an iced cinnamon bun. Ok, I exaggerate but...

Jiffy, those cheap little mixes that used to be everywhere when I was young and broke are really hard to find these days. But the Red Apple came through. They have sugar in them but it is not the first or even the second ingredient.

Tonight I made up a batch of muffins with about a cup and half of shredded cheese mixed in. They smelled so good when they were done that I had to have one and YUM!!!! Yeah for Jiffy. $.79. You can't beat it. These will be great with my pre-swim coffee in the mornings.
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