Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice, nice day with my air conditioner

I designed a new wallet in my head while swimming this morning. So... when I got home, after doing some chores, including laundry, I got to work on the wallet.

When I was organizing fabrics, I found a piece with the Mariners logo all over it. I've been watching some sewing videos on Amazon streaming and tried out some new stuff. Alas, I managed to make it about 1/4 inch too short. In something so small a quarter inch is a killer. And I didn't like the way the zipper fit in. And it was getting hot back there. Tomorrow I'll try again. I have plenty of fabric to make another and this time get it right!

And it is very excellent to have solved the wandering sewing machine pedal problem. Whew.

Zoey has now claimed the window arm of the new couch for her own. It's actually a perfect spot for her, she can see me, the TV, the birds...  what they heck else could she ask for?

I've also figured out how to make Flickr work easily for me and am enjoying using it again. I need to do some organizing since I didn't really touch it much from March 2014 until last week but at least I did upload all the pictures I took so they are there, just all over the Flickr floor.

Baseball tonight.
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