Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Shout out to followers new and old

I have some new LJ friends and lots of others who read all or some of this journal regularly. I generally don't 'talk' to readers. I write for the audience of me, but really do appreciate all the readers.

I've been keeping this journal since 2002 and there are more than 17,000 entries covering important things in my life and much minutia. There is a full picture of me in these entries but digging back through looking for answers is likely too painful to even contemplate.


If any reader new or old ever has any question about me or what I say or what I don't say... ask. Leave a comment on any entry you like. For the sake of my own sanity, if you ask something totally off topic of the entry you use to comment, I will probably promote your question and the answer to a new entry.

Ask away.
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