Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You're so bright...

My Mom was the queen of sarcasm and of repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again. One of her favorites, after my sister or I did something less than smart, she'd say 'wow. You're so bright we almost called you son[sun].' It was the decades before 'duh!'

I just finished a sewing session. I always end up chasing the damn sewing machine pedal around the carpet with my foot. So I googled a solution. Amazon sells little carpet square things for just this purpose. $14. Ok. But, maybe there's a better idea...

One woman had a 3 fucking minute video that of saying 'put the rough side of velcro on the pedal and then put the pedal on an old mouse pad.' (Why oh why do you tubers think that everything has to be a video and every video has to 10 times longer than it takes to convey the idea?????)

But, alas, I have no mouse pads. I haven't used a mouse pad since Bush was in the White House (the second - and, I hope, last - one and maybe even the first one).

But... wait... I have carpet. Why in hell do I need a mouse pad. The velcro will stick to the carpet. I dug into my recently exquisitely organized cabinet o' miscellaneous shit and there was a lovely 2x2" piece of sticky backed velcro just waiting for the job.

Doh! Done!! Yeah... that pedal ain't going nowhere.

The pillow cases I made for my little bed pillows are perfect. So I made a pattern and then made 4 more. So now I've got cases, emergency cases and backup pillow cases. Nice.

My zippers won't be here until Monday so I'm holding off on the new bag.

My hair color thing was fun. It was at Rudy's Barbershop's HQ/Educational operation which is really quite nice. There were 5 stylists all practicing color. They are all licensed hair peops but looking to move up the hair chain. Mine was Viva and she was just a nice and cute as she could be. She offered me whatever but noted that she really wanted to try her hand at gray cover/blending. Honestly, I'd have loved purple or blue or something nutty but I was there for her and happy to do whatever she needed.

She did a great job and was quick about it. I think I was there for maybe an hour and a half. The color I got is fine. It's very subtle. Unless you studied my hair color every day, you'd never even notice but her instructor was really impressed so I was happy. It was fun.

The down side was that it was in a rare T-Mobile hole. I had parked in one of those parking spots you can pay for with an app only with no data or wifi signal, that's not as efficient as it sounds. I got 45 minutes entered but couldn't add $$. Finally while we waited for my hair to finish baking, I went out and moved the car... purple goop in hair and wearing the oh so lovely barber smock. It was one of the few times have old lady invisibility served me nicely.

Then home to the ballgame which is now in the 7th inning and the Mariners are winning.

Next door guy is moving out today. Dude has a lot o' shit. Looks like a corporate move so no biggie. I've been through enough of those in my lifetime. Back in my smoking days, they used to pack up and move the ashes and butts from the ashtrays. And they took for freakin' ever to both pack and then, the next day, load the truck. But, hey, I had to do absolutely nothing so fine by moi.

Time for some bear knitting now.
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