Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And my butt and back say ... ahhhhhh

One of the reasons - well, really the only reason - for getting a new couch was to have an alternate comfortable place to sit in my living room. I have two chairs and they aren't uncomfortable particularly but you wouldn't want to sit there and watch TV for an hour, for instance.

I love my main chair but I compute here, I knit here, I watch TV here, and sometimes my back and my butt need a change of pace. Tonight, I tested out the new couch and wow. Comfy and solid. A perfect height for old lady getting up from it. The arm rests are perfectly placed. The only downside is that in two days, the cat has claimed it. She was not wild about my joining her on her couch.

Tomorrow is hair dying day. Viva is going to be using me as a test dummy for gray color correction. I honestly have no idea what to expect, how long it will take, how strong it will smell and what color it will be when she's done. Kind of a fun adventure. And free.

Then Friday we will see how this color correction works in the swimming pool. AT east it's not a chlorine pool.

Depending on what's left of the day, I want to start work on a new bag. The last one I made, I created a pouch for my phone. Turns out that is very handy but the pouch I made isn't quite big enough. Plus, I figured out a better way to do it. So... I want to get started. I ordered a bundle of brightly colored zippers from an Etsy vendor so I can't finish it until they arrive (Fri? Sat?) but at least I can get the fabric vinylized and pieces cut out.

And tomorrow afternoon there is a Mariner game.

So busy day ahead.
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