Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for Tomorrow We Will Die

My father said this frequently when I was growing up. It was especially his refrain when he wanted to move the cocktail hour up earlier in the day...

It's how I make a lot of silly little decisions these days. I am 66 years old and ready to die. I'm fine if it doesn't happen this week or next or this year but I'm also perfectly fine if it happens tomorrow. I've had a great life - better than I deserve and I have no desire whatsoever to live any of the rest of it infirmed in any way. I already have COPD and there's no telling what else is waiting in the wings.

Lately this has seeped into my consciousness with all the now or later decisions. Silly ones. Which show should I watch first? In the olden days, I'd save my favorites for rainy days. Now I gobble 'em up. If I died tonight, which one would I regret now having seen?

Ditto with books and meals and lots of other things.

My taste in a good read and my brothers share a lot of intersection. And we share audiobooks. Yesterday one of our favorite authors released a latest in a favorite series (Lee Child's Jack Reacher series). I immediately bought it and pinged my brother that it was available. This morning he said he started it already "It feels like eating dessert before dinner." It feels like something you should save for special.

You Only Live Once was a pretty good coffee mug/t-shirt/sofa pillow aphorism when I was young but now it's more Now or Never. And I'm picking now.
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