Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The saga continues but... now, with pizza

I was the only one in the pool today for most of my swim and it really was a good one. I ended up not listening to my book but instead flipped to music and just noodled stuff out in my head. I ended up doing 2000 yards and quit only because I was getting squeezed on time to manicure.

It's a new color they only got in yesterday!

Then on to get pizza which is cooling it's heels on my oh so very clean kitchen counter waiting for dinner. Fun to come home to a sparkling clean house.

After much conversation and back and forth and explaining and re-explaining with lengths and details on a Google Photo forum, I finally got the attention of someone who finally figured it out and could replicate my issue and then escalated it up the Google pipe.

Meanwhile I'm getting reacquainted with Flickr and I think we're going to get along fine.
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