Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning it looks like we're due for a 3 day return of summer this weekend with cool and rain (drizzle, probably) returning Monday. I'm glad I didn't put the air conditioner away yet. Even if I don't have to turn it on, I'm grateful for the availability of relief.

I need to get back to walking every day. I have been not good about that. Especially the last week. I'm going to give myself a bye until next week when it's cool but then it's feet to the pavement or else. I absolutely have to be able to walk all day without stopping to catch my breath by the time my brother visits at the first of January. That's going to take daily walks and keeping my COPD in check. I know I can do the former and I'm just hoping on the latter.

Today is nail/pizza day. The pizza place is near the pool but doesn't open til 11 and on every other day, I'm home from the pool long before 11. But, on nail day, I'm in the same area until usually about 11:30 so I swing by and pick up a pizza. Yum.

Also today is housecleaner day. Once a month my house gets scrubbed and sparkled. And today's the day. If all goes well, when I get home from pizza, it will be to a clean house. Nice.

But first, I'm going to start with a nice swim. I have a new book to listen to while I swim and plan to do some extra time today both to make up for not walking and fill in some time so I don't get to the manicurist's too early.
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