Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the day keeps getting...

So I finally set everything up so that my LJ photos will now, once again, link from Flickr.

I used Flickr for years and years until one day they turned off the easy link to LJ feature. At the same time Google upped its photo game and I switched.

To be honest, the list of features and cons for Flickr and Google Photos is nearly identical in length but the bullet items are different.

At this point, however, Flickr works and Google doesn't. That kind of swings the pendulum. Whenever I take a photo, it is uploaded to Flickr and to Google - backup. So all's cool.

But this has been a really long and frustrating day. And I didn't walk one bit so my Misfit Shine is bitching cause I'm a slug. To top off this full day, I went to the monthly home owners association board meeting. There's boat load of really annoying residents in this building. But only a couple of them show up at these meetings. Tonight, two of these annoying people got into it with each other. It was a battle of the assholes. A 70 year old woman and a 60 year old man. And neither hear well enough to understand most of what was said. It was actually kind of hilarious.

And then I came back up here to my own home to find Zoey totally sacked out on the new couch. On the up side, black cat hair is not going to show up very well on a dark brown couch. Also it doesn't make for great photography!

Packers were in the unit next door getting all the stuff move ready today. This is the next door guy who complained about my TV. He was renting the place. It was in pre-sale a month or so ago but not now. The guy who owns it lives in Arizona. Wonder what's the haps. At least I can now crank up the TV freely.

And the really really really annoying guy who often sits in with the broadcasters and ruins the baseball game for me on Tuesdays isn't there tonight!! Very very nice.
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