Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Roller Coaster Day

Today has been the most frustrating, fun, kill everyone, yeah for some people, up and down day and it's only now 2 pm!!

The photo thing I think is still an issue but I'm sure now that it's not my issue. I opened up an imgur account for emergencies. My Windows 10 install wiped out my very tenuous and oh so frustrating connection to Audible books and getting it back was right up there with childbirth. God, I hate iTunes so so so much. An Etsy order got fucked up because the Etsy person makes some bad assumptions.

But, the photo thing will get fixed. My iPod Shuffle has a new book on it. The Etsy order is noodled out.

And... the couch deliverers came at noon instead of 2... and... the couch is WONDERFUL!!

I love how it looks. I love how it sits. And, as one of the delivery guys said 'Wow, it looks like it was made just for that spot!' And it does. I really do like it WAY better than I thought I would and I thought I'd like it a lot.

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