Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

That to there, this to there... ready?

My swim this morning was great. It was crowded but fine. The guy who is so fascinating to watch was there doing his stuff (he swims the length on the bottom with fins no hands, no fins full arms and then on his back... it's amazing).

Most people who use that pool swim 20-30 mins. I swim an hour. Fun guy was going when I got there and still going when I left and I swam an extra 15 mins to watch him. Very cool.

The home to sewing. I recovered my bed pillows and then tinkered with a new design for removable cases for them and then made a couple of the new designs. Hanging the fabric from hangers was one of my best ideas. It enables me to be really aware of what I have in a way that folding it onto shelves and/or in bins does not.

I got all that cleaned up and then moved to the living room to knit and watch TV. CNN is doing this series call The Seventies which is fascinating - at least for me. I was just out of college and starting out life in that decade. I missed a lot of current even nuance cause it was all about me! And the retrospect of what I do remember is really interesting.

One little factoid I picked up was that the 3 Mile Island disaster was on March 28, 1979. I have never been able to remember the year I got married but now I know! March 28 is my birthday. That day was my first birthday in the house we moved into the weekend of our wedding the November before so... I was married in 1978! Good to know. See? I said that it was all about me.

Then I got a wild hair to do some furniture moving. I moved the bench at the end of the bed to in front of the fireplace. Zoey commandeered it immediately.

Then I moved the purple peanut loveseat into the bedroom and placed it at the foot of the bed. It looks a little too big. I'm not sure if I'm judging because things look out of place or if it really is too big. I did notice, in moving it, that it really has not aged too well. The bedroom is dark so it will be ok there but if it really does turn out to be too big, I'll be fine with deep sixing it.

The condo has an annual dump run in a week. They set aside a spot in the garage where you can bring anything and they will haul it away for free. The timing this year is great for me. That purple loveseat has 7 days to fit the space or it's buh bye.

But, now the spot for the new couch is ready. I toyed with reswizzling everything in the room but I kind of like how stuff is now and so I think I'll leave it. Maybe I'll reswizzle when my brother is here in January to both lend a critical eye and do the heavy lifting.

Time for baseball.
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