Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Couch procured!!

I wanted to get to the pool right at 8 to get my swim in and hit the road. I did. I got there right at 8. And it was locked and there was a small gathering, which got larger, of others including the weekend janitor and a sales person and a front desk person. Entry is via key or code. No one had either. The general manager, as it turns out, lives in one of the apartments over the gym. He was not answering his phone. Finally someone physically pounded on his door.

At 8:20 the door was finally opened. Wild. But fine.

Then I hit the road headed up to Alderwood Mall and LoveSac with an interim stop at Five Guys for a burger brunch which was delicious. I love that place.

On the way to LoveSac, I saw this sign twirler guy who was clearly destined for the sign twirling olympics. He was at a corner with a really long traffic light and he was so engaging that when the light turned green no one moved. He had 12 lanes of traffic mesmerized. His sign was for someplace called Anna's Furniture. I made a note.

LoveSac turned out to be SadSac for me. Nice people but the chair arms were way too high and the seats way too deep and the quality not impressive. What I wanted would turn out to be north of $3,000 AFTER a 20% sale discount.

I marched to the other end of the mall to the big Daiso store and then back to the car - nice little walk. We did not have malls when I was a kid so I have never really spent much time in one. They are weird places.

I figured I'd stop at Anna's and then head home. At a minimum, I wanted to tell the store people their sign waiver was a crowd pleaser. The store was pretty big and pretty busy. A woman greeted me and I told her I was in the market for a loveseat and she sent me upstairs. She asked me my name and told me hers was Anna. Guess I won't forget that!

The store was clearly not my style. It was a kind of combo between Victorian and Game of Thrones. Dark and heavy at the same time fussy. But, I managed to find a chocolate brown loveseat that isn't anything amazing but sat good and will work fine and is nearly exactly 10% of the price of that damn LoveSac!  It's probably going to be too big for the room but whatever.


Also, it's in inventory! I could have had it delivered tomorrow but delivery on holiday breaks condo rules and Tuesday's fine. I was just glad it wasn't 8-10 weeks.

Anna was amazingly efficient and nice. Her sons were working there today, too and happened to be nearby when I told her that I stopped there ONLY because of their amazingly talented sign twirler. They all laughed. "The signs my sons' idea. I told them, we no need. I been in business 20 years and never need sign twirler!  It's too expensive!!"  I noted that they at least sell loveseats. They were a really nice, jolly bunch. It was a most pleasant way to spend $300.

I left there and went to a fabric store about halfway between the furniture store and home.

On the way into the store, my phone rang. It was the delivery guy(a 3rd party delivery service)!! By the time I had waltzed through the fabric shop, I had an email saying that delivery would be Tuesday after 11 (my request) and another email would follow tomorrow with a 2 hour window.

Very nice, friendly, efficient and I'm a happy camper with a couch to camp on!!


Now I'm home, watching the game and knittin' a bear.
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