Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am invisible!!!!

One of the reasons I hate furniture shopping is that I had this impression that you walk into a showroom and are immediately assaulted by sales people who will not let you look. This is what happened to me the last time - a decade ago.

Turns out, however, in the ensuing 10 years I have become invisible!!!! I just walked into 3 furniture stores. These were NOT crowded with customer stores. In all three, I saw more sales people than customers. I wandered from one end of each store to the other. In one store, a 20 something girl looked up from her laptop and said 'let me know if you can't find something'. In the other two stores, not one word was spoken to me by anyone. Not a word.

Way to sell a couch, peops!! At least the clingers sell stuff or at least they sold stuff to me. The ignorers made in commission on me today, exactly commensurate with the effort they put out.

Wild. I saw a few that I might settle for in different fabric or in their love seat/big chair equivalent. But the pre-customization price tags showed that the oh so expensive LoveSac deal maybe might not be as expensive as I thought.

I did get in a good and tiring walk out of it so all is not lost. I did pretty well in terms of not having to stop and being able to tolerate walking that much (it was about a little more than a mile total) but the sun came out and semi ruined it and it made me re-think walking to the pool for a second swim tomorrow.

Maybe I'll take advantage of the no traffic and go do a butt check on the LoveSac instead.

Meanwhile my Misift Shine is just so proud of me.
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