Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

oops - missed that perfect window of opportunity

We have a 50 yard saltwater outdoor pool that is only open during the summer. It's located in a city park and even if you can snag the closest parking spot, it's still a half mile or more walk to the pool itself. The last time I went was in May of last year and the walk to and from the pool was beyond what I could do and it ruined the actual swim for me. So I wrote off the experience.

But, now I think I could do it. The walk, I mean. And last week would have been perfect. The weather was way too cloudy and cool for most swimmers so it would not have been crowded at all. Except it did not even occur to me to try and go. Tuesday it closes for the year. I think weekends, particularly holiday weekends, just pack the place but... maybe... for this one with the weather still being chilly and no sun...

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and that might discourage enough people to make it work. Worst case, I could see if I could walk a half mile. I'm still going to swim at the gym in the morning, but I could easily swim twice. Why not. I think I might just try it.

Today, it's off to the gym pool. And then I'm going sofa shopping. I think.
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