Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So between the cooler temperatures and the clouds, I can get up and go take a walk any damn time I want to and it is hilariously liberating!! I just went down to get the mail and walked around the block first and discovered that a new gallery is opening in a space that has been empty forever. Plus I scored a Seattle Mariners barbecue apron on the free shelf. No, I'm not going to barbecue BUT I do think a couple of seams and a rope will turn it into a fine backpack with the Seattle Mariner logo smack in the middle. Or something else excellent.

I almost needed more clothing out there. There's a bit of a breeze which makes it even cooler and we're almost to sock weather. Yeah! and yeah! and yeah!

I was able to walk at a good clip without stopping once or even coming close to having to stop to catch my breath. I do need start taking longer walks. I don't hate the shorter ones like I used to. Maybe I can get over hating the longer ones, too.

I think I need a schedule/plan like m/w/f I do a specific trail - Uwijamaya around to Jackson and over to Yesler and down to 1st to home. That would be 30 mins. So do it or its equivalent 3 times a week. Maybe. I know now that the benefit would be excellent but I still can't see forcing myself to do it. I need to think of a plan. Maybe that's what tomorrow's swim subject will be.

At least I have no problem at all getting to the pool and swimming for an hour every day.
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