Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
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The cough that I've had now for nearly a week is also now nearly gone!! Swimming was way easier today with no having to stop for prolonged coughing jags. Whew. It's weird how I get these little mini illnesses. I'm not complaining. Having a one day sore throat beats the shit out of a full blown cold or flu. Having a cough for a week is way better than pneumonia for a month. I am grateful.

About 30 minutes into my swim, I got tired of my book about how the brain works so I switched to music and my brain rewarded me. I came up with a brilliant way to utilize the closet space in the sewing room (by actually hanging my fabric using the hangars that are now available from the Great Closet Cleanup). AND how to create perfect phone pouch for my next purse (vinylize the outside of a pouch made of fleece)! Thanks, brain!

The bear drop off went better than usual and she was most understanding about the lower production numbers.

I got an email from a woman who's new at my haircutting place (Rudy's Barbershop). She needs a model for a "grey coverage" on September 10 at 11. Could I possible do it? Why the hell not! Sure. I've never in my life had my hair professionally colored. This could be fun. Probably the pool will fuck it up and I'll have green hair for months but... what the heck. She was so grateful. I, who hate getting my hair cut with a passion, am looking forward to it. Go figure.

When I got home and ooops. Nail appointment that same day at 10:30. A quick call moved nails to the day before.

Calendar excitement!!!!

I have laundry going - load 1 in the dryer, load 2 in the washer.

Next up, I'm going to try out iTunes and my Shuffle with Windows 10.
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