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Susan Dennis


I'm so loving this cool. I swapped out my summer blanket for a light weight comforter. I rushed that a little but my acknowledgement that soon I will really need the warmth beats the practicality.  One of the many things I love best about living alone is sleeping alone.  So I can do what I want. (Another big perk of living alone.)

Yesterday, in addition to the bumpy Windows 10 installation ride, the start of my sweater's sleeves was also bumpy. I got them started and then changed my mind about how to do it so ripped them out  and started again. Then made an error which took forever to fix and finally got going. I don't think they will take as long as I thought to complete which is a plus.

The bear factory is really taking a hit with the sweater and the sewing. But I've decided I'm ok with that. I've been making 10-20 bears a month since the summer of 2005. Especially after I found Jeanne who sends them out to babies of indigent moms - about 10 years ago now - I've always been afraid that one day I'll tire of making toys altogether and her babies would be left high and dry. That has not happened yet but I want to take care that it never does. So I'm not stressed about low inventory and might well have that for a month or so.  Especially while I get this sweater finished.

So I finally got the Misfit Speedo Shine. I'm glad to have a Shine again. But I am more than a little pissed. Contrary to ANY information either Misfit OR Speedo put out about this new thing, the new function - counting laps and monitoring any swimming stroke - is for iOS only! All of their emails, websites, tweets,e tc. say android and ios. Only the android is a lie. I finally got a response on twitter that android will be coming soon. WTF?????  I worked in software long enough to fully understand that 'soon' means 'we'll get to it when we get to it, don't hold your breath.'  I like the Shine and I like the function and the lap counting, if I ever get it, will be nice, but the advertising stallion and selling pig deal is really beyond lame.

Today will be my swim and then a hustle back from West Seattle to get the bears to Jeanne by 10:15. But that's it for the day's planned activities.


I'm listening to a new novel. It's a first novel.  A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan. It's a semi epistolary and has the flavor of Where'd You Go Bernadette. I'm only half way done but the theme is set. Wife of lawyer and mother of two takes a job at giant online retailer (Amazon-ish) and finds the inside corporate life much like a psychedelic mushroom trip.

However, all of the things she mocks and finds strange and abhorrent are all very second nature to me. I spent years embedded in the culture of large corporations. I totally understand and appreciate and respect all the things she mocks.

So far it's holding my interest without being too insulting but I'm wary.
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