Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When your days are yours it's not so bad

I devoted today to Windows 10 only because I can. I have the luxury of vast numbers of hours strung together with no one wanting me for anything. My time is my own.  If that were not the case, I would be SO frustrated.

But, I have the time and it's not my main computer so there were issues (and there were) no biggie really. My brother's tech fixed me up and there are still some bits that need to be tweeked.  Also I need to test out my main uses - Publisher, photo editing, CD ripping and iTunes for my swimming iPod Shuffle.  I think if the price were not free, I'd probably still rock Windows 7 until the end of time - I've gotten technolazy!

I did the math on my sweater sleeves (conversions for yarn/needle differences) and cast them on but now I think I'm going to do it again because I want to knit them in the round so no seams.  That's tonight's project. 
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