Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My own worst enemy...

The pool was full today - we have 3 lanes and today there were 2 in each lane for a while.  Traditon dictates that when lanes double up, you split the lane. If/when 3 swimmers for one lane, you swim in a circle. I much much prefer circle swimming but I am the only one on the planet. Everyone else thinks it's such a burden. Today the 6th person to get in the pool only lasted about 4 laps and by the time I got out, there was only one swimmer left.

While I was swimming, I designed yet another bag. This one will have a soft outside pocket for my phone.

I left the pool and headed right to Goodwill. My goal was to make the donation before I was tempted to keep some of the clothes.

But... then... before I could get out of the parking lot, I saw the sign that said 20% senior discount day. Sigh. So I went in. I found some pillow cases - $.99 and lots of fabric.

As I was leaving, I spied a beautiful green coat. With hood. Zipin/zipout lining. Georgous green. Really. A little too big for me but not much. $10 with the old people discount. So. I bought it. At least one more coat and maybe two will now go into the Goodwill pile. I just just rent my stuff from them which is about what I do.

I remembered to swing by the library and the grocery store.  Candy corn! FRESH! I laid in my first for the season.

Now I'm home and interested in getting going on my new bag but, I have a bear that needs to be finished for this month's delivery. So bear first. Then probably some sewing.
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