Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, weather

It's still too warm here in this house but the trend is certainly in the right direction. This condo was carved out of a 100+ year old wearhouse. Some of the timbers holding it up are 18" thick. It takes a while to heat up and also to cool off. We've now had several days of outside cool so it should turn cool inside pretty soon. Nice.

I have several errands to run today and the cool will certainly make that better. I need to load up the car and make a run to Goodwill. And I need to stop at the library with a drop off and pick up. Probably at the library, I'll just park and do my 20 minutes of walking including walking over to the grocery store. I do need eggs.

I have woken up with a cough the past few days. It's mostly different than my often dry coughing.This seems to be stuff collecting in my lungs overnight. By early afternoon it's mostly gone. It's not anywhere near bad, just annoying but I always worry that my COPD is kicking into overdrive. On the other hand, it could well be just a passing thing. Sometimes I get very very very mild cases of things that resemble flu or colds. They pass in a few days and things are fine again. I'm hoping this is one of those.

I am going to take the day off from organizing today. But I do love what I got done. It's so liberating to have get rid of stuff. Plus it's very very cool to be able to easily and quickly just reach into that cabinet and find whatever it is I need right off the bat and with nothing fallilng out to the floor!

I still have way too much stuff but I think I can give it all a rest now. Plus, I have a bear delivery on Friday and I need to add a couple more bears to the pile. So ... knitting.
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