Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another done!

Well, almost done. I emptied both closets (only the big one shown) and did a severe cull. I deep sixed lots of clothes that fit, are age appropriate, look fine and are very wearable. BUT, I know, I will never wear them. I kept only those things I'm likely to wear and probably kept too many. I tried to think about what if I went out of town for a week or needed to go to a funeral - summer or winter. I think I'm covered.

BUT, I fully intend to do it again in the Sprint and I'll bet I can still cull by half.

Then I put everything left back into the one closet and now I have lots of easy sewing storage space. And the closet isn't jammed! Score!!

Tomorrow there will be a trip to Goodwill.
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