Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Monday of me

I remember I had a lot of dreams last night. When I woke up I was dreaming that my mobility scooter's battery died so I was pushing it. Not clear why I had a mobility scooter in the first place. Also, I had classes that I had skipped so many times I don't remember where or when they were. I decided, in my dream, to just fuck it and pay my parents the tuition money they had ponied up.

Nice start to the week. Then I got a message from my brother that the tech he has had the longest has turned in a notice that he is leaving in two weeks. In his 10 years, he has had 5 employees leave. It's never been easy but this one is the second to the most difficult. At least he knows he can survive the most difficult so he will survive this. But, bummer.

My fitness band died. The company will send me a new one but I'm hoping to get a replacement tomorrow anyway. This same company is pairing up with Speedo to make a version specific to swimming. It goes on sale tomorrow. They are saying that all Apple stores will stock them. We have 4 Apple stores within reasonable distance of here. My game plan is to call around to find one that has them in stock after my swim tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

I have two big organization projects on the docket.

The living room has one cabinet, 4 drawers and 2 baskets of stuff that needs to be all dumped out and gone through and organized.

The bedroom has a closet that currently houses clothes I love and will never wear again. There is not as much physical work with the bedroom closet but way more mental work. Discipline.

The bedroom project can be done over several days if necessary but the living room needs to be done in one gulp. According to the calendar, today could be a gulp day.

I think I'll decide after my swim.
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