Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Emotional Heft

I am sick of emotional heft. This is a phrase I learned this week when Audible.Com sent me a marketing email suggesting I try out the genre of Mysteries with Emotional Heft.  I was delighted because finally I had a name for a type of mystery story that bugs the shit out of me. I've never liked cozies but they are very easy to sport and so avoid.

But Mysteries with Emotional Heft are disguised as thrillers and with strong characters but turn out to be the opposite.

I just heard a 'news' story with the same problem. Give me the news. I will figure out what emotion suits me to put on those facts. I do NOT need or want a 'reporter' to feed me the emotions he or she thinks I should feel to match the story.

Having my emotions specifically tapped, pulled and manipulated just pisses me off. I am smart enough to know how I want to feel given circumstances. I do not need anyone to tell me how I should feel or how they want me to feel.

I think Emotional Heft is condescending and insulting.

But I am delighted now to have a name for it.
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