Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday morning

Usually my evenings are non-events.  I watch the Mariners lose and do some knitting and clean the kitchen and put the game on mute and listen to my book and play computer games and turn it all off and go to sleep.

Last night the Mariners played early since they are in Chicago and did not lose. I placed an order with Amazon's new deliver it now service. You can pay a delivery fee to get it in an hour. OR you can pick a 2 hour window for free delivery. But, it's not really free, they suggest a tip and bake it into the total price. (Turns out they are not allowed to accept cash tips. A weird little system.)

My 2 hour window was chosen for me 8-10. Shortly after 8, I got a map on my phone. Mohamed had my order and he was a blue dot on the map. The blue dot left the Amazon headquarters and then went south. Way south. Down south of the airport. He stopped. He moved. He stopped. He moved. And then about 35 miles south of me about 8:20, he stopped and never moved again.

At 9:54 "Mohamed" who turned out to have a mass of bright ginger hair and beard showed up at my door with the package. Wild.

Then I started listening to the last of the Harlen Cobin book I'm nearly at the end of. It finally pissed me off so much I just stopped. An hour left to go but I couldn't stand it any more. I've enjoyed some of his non series books but this one had so many systemic issues, it is now officially my last Harlen Cobin. I will never again waste my time or money.

As a kind of annectode, I started my next book - A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan.  I only listened for about 30 minutes but it was way better. But it was late and time to get some sleep. Nope. Too hot. It's cooled down outside but not in here yet. My tracker says I got 6 hours of sleep. That will have to do.

It's chilly and really raining this morning. I do hope some of that seeps into the house today. I really really don't want to turn the air conditioner on again.

I've been invited to brunch in Federal Way. [That town name has always cracked me up. It's like no one bothered to really name the place, they just picked the map note.] Google says it's 30-35 minutes from here. I need to build in some extra for rain. So I need to get up and get going... in about an hour.

Turns out there are several LA Fitness pools between here and there. A woman I met yesterday in the locker room has been to most. She suggested that the Burien one has the nicest pool and that one is about half way right on my way home. She also gave me the most excellent tip that the LA Fitnesses south of here to not provide towels.  I keep a suit and towel in the car for emergencies so now I know to grab the town beore I go in.

I also need to stop at a Dollar Tree store - there are at least two on the way home. I just need to remember. They have some great bags out of that paper/fabric stuff that is indestrucable. They are great to deconstruct and sew on. For a buck!

Then home. The game is at 4. That's the day plan.

Zoey's bipolarism is getting more pronounced. I've never had a bipolar cat before. Last week, she was demanding constantly. She demanded and ate as much cat food as I could dish out. She woke me up at 2 am for more food. She was all over every keyboard I touched. She sat over my face while I was sleeping. When I come home, she's right by the door and she's meowing the whole time.

Then, yesterday, we started the down cycle. She eats the dry kibbles but doesn't even ask for canned food. She came in this morning to say hi, but now has gone off somewhere else and I haven't hear a peep from her in an hour. She won't be by the door when I get home this afternoon. She'll lie around the living room while I watch the game but a good 5 -10 feet from me rather than on my keyboard.

And then, in a few days, we'll be back to manic.

This is why I only have one cat. She's a handful.
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