Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cool Friday

The house is soooo silent without the air conditioner droning on. It's really lovely.

I got the new graphics for my brother's newsletter this morning so I slapped together a test for him to see while I swam. I think we're getting very close.

My swim was one of those autopilot swims. I listened to the last of Tim Gunn's book and the time just disappeared. When the book ended I had 3 dots on my Misfit band which means I had been a mile. I did a quick trip into Trader Joe's and now I'm home.

Zoey is exploring the terrace which is has mostly not been available to her this summer. Birds beware!

Finally, finally, finally, they fired the Mariners general manager. It's not been clear to me why this wasn't done a couple of years ago. I'm not privy to what goes into the secret sauce but I know it hasn't been even remotely tasty in several years. Way past time for the chef to be moving on.

I did finish the neck of my sweater. Yeah!!! The sleeves are really only from just above the elbow to the wrist so not huge. I'm going to do a couple more bears before I start them. Bear delivery will be next Friday. I'm hoping to add a couple to the pile.

My replacement iPod Shuffle is Out for Delivery. I need to find another book. I like listening while I swim but it's better suited to non-fiction/short pieces. I can do library books but Audible.Com books work way better on the Shuffle. So I think I'll find one of those for next.

I'm currently near the end of a novel by Harlen Coben. I hate his series stuff but some of his stand alones have been pretty good. This one is about 75% good and 25% condescendingly mocking women which is really pissing me off. But I've got an hour left and I'm pretty invested in the plot at this point.

I'm starving and it's lunch time.
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